Connecting with Archangel Michael

The Story

Michael is here to assist you when you are ready to shed the illusion in your life.

Truth is Michael’s job and he is good at it.

Remember Truth is Enlightenment.

You might notice in pictures, the interpretations of him, that he is shown with a sword. This sword is an instrument of light which cuts through all the cords and veils of illusion you have surrounding you on all levels.

Levels of illusion you have created in this lifetime reside in...........

Levels of physical, mental, emotional, etheric systems within your being

Not only can Michael assist you in seeing the truth in your life, he can also bring a strength of purpose and destiny to your awareness.

Connecting with Archangel Michael:

Sit in a quite place and take three slow deep breaths, exhaling slowly with each breath.

Say the following to yourself while feeling the deep desire to be in "truth" and then feel a release of the desire go out from your body and into the universe.

I now allow full and complete healing and release of all illusion (maya) from all levels of my being in all space and time.

I now allow full and complete consciousness truth into my awareness.

From the core of my Soul Matrix I call on Archangel Michael to assist me in this clearing and release of illusion.

From the core of my Soul Matrix I call on Archangel Michael to walk with me in revelations of truth as my consciousness comes back on-line.

Now visualize Michael standing before you with his sword of light and see him cut through all the veils of illusion that surround your physical. Imagine a cobweb of strands that surround your body and the sword of light is cutting through them. Watch the strands float away and see them disintegrate as the illusion that they are.

See Michael use the sword of light to cut the strands all around your body including your crown chakra (head) and bottom of your feet, all around your body.

See yourself surrounded by golden white light.

See your body connected to your Soul Matrix just above your head. Visualize strands of light coming from about your head and down through your crown chakra all the way through your body and out your feet into Mother Earth.

Now see the answer back or response from Mother Earth, light streaming from her core center of radiant love moving back up your feet, through your body and out your crown.

See and feel now that your connection goes out to the universes, reconnecting to all that is.

See and feel the connection from infinity coming back to you now from the universes and the Unity Consciousness you now tap into.

Thank Michael for his assistance.

Know that the illusion is now cleared from you and you will not "unconsciously" buy into more because you are awakened.

So shall it be and so it is.

Archangel Michael